the lerner college has five academic departments that grant both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

these include a number of master’s and ph.d. programs as well as a variety of interdisciplinary programs that span both undergraduate and graduate areas of concentration. lerner also offers a certificate program, business essentials, open to non-lerner university of delaware students and professionals in the community.

with 15 undergraduate majors, 10 graduate programs and a variety of mba degree options, lerner has something for everyone interested in a career in business.

Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems

Accounting and Management Information Systems

the accounting & mis department's innovative undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students to enter professions in accounting and management information systems.

Department of Business Administration

Business Administration

谁有微信红包扫雷群免费的 the department of business administration offers professional education in the fields of marketing, operations management, marketing and international business.

Department of Economics


谁有微信红包扫雷群免费的 the department of economics' undergraduate and graduate programs cover the full range of fields in economics, including economic education, policy and theory.

Department of Finance


谁有微信红包扫雷群免费的 the department of finance offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance and financial management for individuals and corporations.

Department of Hospitality Business Management

Hospitality Business Management

the department of hospitality's programs cover the fields of hotel, restaurant and event management – as well as the related fields of hospitality business analytics, sport management and healthcare management.